Our Mission:

Newman Foundation Inc. (NFI) is an independent, nonprofit corporation that seeks to deepen and integrate spiritual, intellectual, and personal development through the Newman Apostolate in the state of Kentucky by providing financial support and initiated programs.

Our Vision:

NFI will promote, foster, and support a parish-affiliated, community active and campus-recognized Newman group on each of the campuses in the Catholic Diocese of Lexington as well as the Archdiocese of Louisville and the dioceses of Covington and Owensboro.

Newman Foundation, Inc. is an independent nonprofit corporation that seeks to deepen and integrate spiritual, intellectual, and personal development through the Newman Apostolate of colleges and universities Kentucky by providing financial support and initiated programs.

Since 1969, members of Newman Foundation, Inc. have worked tirelessly to secure leaders for our Catholic future and to provide them with the tools they need.  Since 1973, the Foundation has given over 4 million dollars to support Newman’s vision in the world, and it continues to do good works. Since 1983, Newman Foundation, Inc. has brought over 100 intellectuals, clergymen, laymen, doctors, and men and women religious to fuel the spiritual and intellectual needs of secular campuses.  Since 1980, Newman Foundation, Inc. has given millions of dollars to fund campus ministry and special outreach projects. In 2021, NFI decided to expand its mission to include colleges throughout the state of Kentucky and is working strategically to achieve that goal.

At Newman Foundation, Inc. we believe in real outreach.  It is our mission to help provide the resources and opportunities to accomplish the task of bringing Christ’s light to our community.  As a non-profit organization, we rely on generous donors and others to give of their time and talent to organize events, fundraise, and make things happen!  Our board consists of between 15 and 25 dedicated volunteers who also sit on various committees.  These board includes students, campus ministers, clergy, religious and lay men and women who bring special skills and insights to the organization.

From college professors to judges and lawyers, from accountants to doctors, from students to caterers, the Newman Foundation, Inc. Board of Trustees brings its diverse talents together for the good of the community!

Together, we promise to…

  • Expand and deepen support for Catholic student ministry
  • Continue bringing Distinguished Speakers to enliven our community with new and innovative ideas
  • Expand grant making capacity, supporting innovative faith building programs for youth in the state of Kentucky
  • Create a sustaining fund to support operating expenses for the Newman Foundation, Inc.
  • We certainly don’t expect you to take our word for it…

“As a Newman Center parishioner & student in the 70’s I applied to NFI for a grant to help promote and compensate speakers for an internship project called “Midlife and More.” In the 80’s I had the opportunity to serve on the Board, ironically chairing the Grants Committee. In the 90’s I served in other capacities and saw the great work being done through the generous donations of supporters of NFI. I believe the NFI Board is an example of drawing out the expertise and talents of the laity, while working with local clergy that results in benefiting the local Church as well as the entire Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky.”

“I was always amazed by NFI’s ability to bring the laity and the clergy together in a forum that allowed the people to express and support the priorities they valued.  NFI wasn’t just a group of people doing things for the community– they were the community and acted to enhance it.  Because of this organization my college experience was wholly transformed.  I had internship opportunities that I would not have had otherwise, and I had resources at my fingertips and the encouragement to get involved that just doesn’t exist everywhere. I know this because I’ve been other places, and it’s certainly something everybody should have and something I miss!”